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 Bonswa La Sosyete, 
I hope that all is well, and that I find you in peace, health, harmony, love, and luck.

Houngan Hector

My name is Houngan Hector,a born Espiritista & Caballo de Misterio.  I am the Medium by which thousands have been assisted by the Guias, Misterios and Lwa of these beautiful traditions for over 20 years.  Through me, the Spirits resolve all sorts of problems that a person may have, be it getting a job, returning a lover, stopping an enemy,  getting out of jail and many many others. I and my family are Puerto Rican. But let’s start at the beginning of my story . . . .

Both sides of my family have always served the Spirits. On both my mother’s and father’s side, our Ancestors and Guides have been honored, recognized, and served. Traditionally, the Spirits have been passed down from an older member of the family to a younger one, when that individual was ready to start working “la obra” (God’s work).  Many of us are born Espiritistas, having natural abilities to see spiritually or work with the Spirits. 

My family is rich with a variety of Espiritismo and other Traditions that are practiced. My Grandmother worked one form known as La Mesa Blanca and there were other various forms being practiced by others in my family. Some of these being Sanse, Las 21 Divisiones, Brujeria and Santerismo.  As Espiritistas (Spiritualists-Mediums), we know that we are Spiritual Beacons of Light in the Spiritual World and are able to work with the Spirits, in the Spiritual and Physical Worlds, and that many types and variety of Spirits will be attracted to us or we are able to work with.  We also recognize that there are Spirits all over the world and being able to work or not work with them lies on the degree of evolution and ability of the Espiritista, Medium or Priest.

My story actually began before my birth. My mother was deemed to be the one to inherit my Grandmother’s Guides. My mother, however, did not want to work La Obra as it had been decided for her. She fought, rebelled, and worked very hard at avoiding any sort of spiritual labor. She often remarked about how she was not cut out for that type of lifestyle, preferring to live like a “normal” person.

During my mother’s pregnancy with me, my Grandmother’s Guides informed my mother of their plans. Since she would not serve, the child that was in her would! I would be blessed with spiritual abilities to see and help others with their problems. The Spirits always have a way to solve problems! I am a born Espiritista (Spiritualist) In my family, we often remark that the Spirits are in the blood, thus once your family serves the Spirits, your family will always serve the Spirits!

I am told that at the hospital, directly after my birth, my Grandmother’s Guides mounted her. They made special signs over my body to demonstrate my role as the one to inherit them. At that point, my mother made an important decision for me. My grandmother would be the one to raise me, as my mother would not know how to deal with what would be happening to me. Thus, she figured, and was right in doing so, that it would be best to have my Grandmother (whom I actually called Mom) raise me and train me. She knew what was best for me.

Throughout my childhood, I lived very well with my Grandmother. I ate well, played, and was generally a quite obedient child. I grew up with a cousin who became like my brother. My childhood, at least in the beginning, was quite normal actually. Although, I can remember, even at the age of four, seeing the Spirits walking through our Home regularly.  I would also frequently had prophetic dreams and had knowledge about events, people’s future actions and motives.

Our House was filled with love, good food, and kindness. Not only that, but our living room was often also packed with clients waiting for my Grandmother to see them. My Grandmother had taught us to live by the Three Virtues: Faith, Hope and Charity. These can be summed up as:

1.Having faith and encouraging/helping others with their faith.
2.Having and encouraging Hope.
3.Being able to give charitably from the heart.

We often had house guests who stayed in a spare room of the house. My grandmother was often housing, clothing, and feeding those who couldn’t do so for themselves.

At the tender age of seven, I was mounted by an ancestor. This was the official beginning of my spiritual journey. After this, my Grandmother carefully explained to me what had happened and revealed to me the events of my birth. My Grandmother encouraged and nurtured the development of my spiritual abilities.Soon after this event, my Grandmother believed it best for me to start honing and using my spiritual abilities as soon as possible. According to her, this was the best way to develop them, while they were fresh and recently manifested. To do this, she had me do readings for some of her clients. Little by little, she would give me more and more readings to do.
I often complained about having to do readings and spiritual work instead of playing although I was very good at it. She always reminded me that “Spiritual work is something you will have to do for the rest of your life, playing does not contribute to any skill you will need.” Although I couldn’t understand then, I am very grateful now. I was often dreaming different recipes and works that my

Guides would show me in order to help my clients.  My grandmother often commended me of my great work and ability to help them . . . as my clients often sang their praises of me and my work to her while they waited.   Over time, I accepted my Spiritual Mission, loved my work and felt (and still feel) very blessed to be able to help people resolve their problems . . . issues which they often cannot resolve any other way.

During my Spiritual Development, I began to learn more and more about myself, my Spiritual Cuadro (Spirits), and who they were.  The Spirits taught me directly often through dreams, visions or by telling me what to do or about themselves.  I also started to become possessed more and more, by the Guias and Misterios to help others.  Little by little, different Misterios or Lwa that were with me began to mount (another way to say possession) me.  As they revealed themselves to me, I would work with them more and more.  My Grandmother noting that I was mounting Misterios and had them in my Cuadro contacted two of my Aunts who specialized/served and worked with the Misterios. 

My Great Aunts, who were twins, served the Misterios and Los Guias.   Each one, however, served in a different way and had a different calling.  One of them, Iris, practiced Sanse.  Nancy,  although also a Sancista, practiced Las 21 Divisiones or Dominican Vodou.  I learned much from my Aunts.  It was they who really explained to me many things about who the Misterios and Guias were, where they came from and what it meant to serve and work with them.  There is so much spiritual knowledge in my family that it really is staggering . . . . and they trained me in Sanse and Las 21 Divisiones, throughout many summers. 

I often served as my aunt’s Aplasa when I was at her home.  An Aplasa is the person who assists the Lwa or Misterios when they arrive in possession.  I did so for many many years and learned many things by assisting her in this manner and by having these expierences. 

At a certain point,one summer, my Aunt Nancy took me to her own Godmother (aka Madrina) Juana.  When I arrived to Juana’s home, she was already mounted by Candelo Cedife consulting clients in her badji.  We sat down in one of the chairs in her living room to wait for her.  Little did we know that Candelo already knew we were there.  Shortly after sitting down, Candelo came out of the Badji and came straight to us.  He said to me “I have been here waiting for you, the blue truck must have blocked up road and that is why you are late . .. . . I’ll speak to you last, wait for me here.”

I was utterly shocked!  In fact, we were later than we thought due to a large blue Mack Style truck in the road clogging up traffic!  So I sat there, very quiet, with my aunt waiting for him. 

After everyone had been consulted and the room nearly empty, we were called back to the samll badji.  In there, Candelo revealed many things to me, including who I was, what my calling was, and what I was to do. He told me that I was a Caballo de Misterio and meant to help people via the Misterios.   He also told that I would be back for a special ceremony and instructed on what to bring. And that Madrina Juana would become my own Madrina and along with the Misterios guide me along the path.  And that is what happened.

I returned, bringing back what was required, and received my refresco de Cabeza.  Quickly after, my following and clientel grew even more.   I worked more and more in my own badji helping people.  I still  worked for clients that my Grandmother had passed to me, but also for those whom were solely mine as well.  Clients were coming from even as far as Puerto Rico and Dominican Republic to consult with the Misterios in my badji.   I often read for my clients using a deck of cards, a mirror, or – at times – calling upon my Lwa and Guides to possess me. 

Shortly after, I received my other ceremonies within Las 21 Divisiones and was Baptised fully in Las 21 Divisiones.  After this point, my practiced and following tripled in size!!  Now, people also started coming to me to be baptized or to align themselves further with their calling.  People also started to look for me to become their Padrino and guide them in their spiritual mission.  I also started leading public ceremonies both in my own home and my Madrina’s home. 

As I continued to grow, certain other Spirits, more obscure, started to show themselves in my dreams. They desired to be served, though I wasn’t yet clear on who they were!  I was stubborn and resistant toward these Spirits who informed me I was their child, as I already had many spiritual responsibilities.They would tell me what to do, what they required and wanted from me, and eventually I found myself doing what they asked of me.  Little did I know that I was actually serving the Lwa /Misterios of Haitian Vodou! I actually came to find this out through watching a segment on television. During the segment, the names of many of the same spirits that I was seeing in my dreams were mentioned.

I continued to research and learn, I knew what I was being called to do.   So, I decided that if the Spirits would give me the means, I would undergo the initiation and do what I must. Give me the means they did! And I received my first initiation into Haitian Vodou as a High Priest, Houngan. Unfortunatley, my first initiator was not a good, knowledgable or ethical person.  Since I had never been exposed to this, although I had heard about it, I was unaware of all the horrible things and practices certain individuals have.  I also learned a great deal of what not to do, as well as what to be careful of and what to look out for.   Though, it did open the door to many other contacts and to Haiti for me.

So, after my first initiation, I returned to Haiti to study the Vodou traditions even further in depth. I spent a lot of time living and learning in Haiti. I traveled the country learning from various Houngans/Mambos Djakout and Asogwe, Bokos, and other priests of this beautiful tradition. . I was called to be initiated a second time in Port Au Prince. I did so, and retook my oaths and vows to upholding the Vodou tradition.

I have worked on this website with the goal of dispelling common myths about these beautiful Religous Traditions. Also to provide individuals with a sincere calling information that is basic, yet often difficult to attain.  To help others progress, avoid pitfalls and misconceptions, and embrace the beautiful Vodou traditions . . . .

Thus, I have been serving the God, the Ancestors, the Misterios and Guias for over 20 years. I now have a world wide Vodou practice and following, helping thousands of people all over the world.  I have initiates, students, and clients world wide and continue to do so here in New Jersey, but also in Dominican Republic, Haiti and Puerto Rico.  I lead and teach workshops and seminars here in the US as well as in other countries.  And I must say that I am truly blessed and thank GOd and the Misterios for the opportunity as well as the blessings.  . . . I keep myself humble remembering it is not I who does it. It is God and Los Misterios who resolves.

May Papa Bondye (God), Los Muertos (the Ancestors)y Guias, and Los Misterios bless you and yours always!

Houngan Hector

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  1. Rico says:

    very nice, I too have been serving the spirits for over 30 years now, also inherit the faith from my ancestors, mom, grandma, grandpa and otheres. I have tavelled the world as well and experienced may paths within the same faith.

    God Bless you brother !!

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