The influence of negative vibrations, hatred, anger, envy, and jealousy affects everyone within the world. Even the most beloved have enemies, unfortunately. The most positive, vibrant, and loving people tend to have a large array of enemies who like to cause trouble out of jealousy, envy, and greed. Sometimes someone’s friends are actually his/her enemies and cause much hurt in the person’s life.

The direction and execution of these negativities can produce illness, blocked paths, agitation, hurt, accidents, domestic problems or any other number of problems. Foundations may collapse, the person may lose his or her job. Some people just stir up chaos (in Kreyol dezod or disorder) in other’s lives. There are a large amount of different possibilities as to the nature of the spiritual illness.

Some people are able to direct negative energy through their eyes. This has actually been proven medically with scientific tests. In Vodou, we commonly refer to this as maldjok or jeg. In other words, the world famous evil eye. There are many different ways to get rid of the effects of the evil eye, and protections against repeat attacks. A common charm, in the states, that can be found is a necklace, chain, or ring with an eye on it. I often recommend some type of mounted jewelry for someone who commonly suffers from it. I take the jewelry, and mount it specially for the person with a residing spirit. The residing spirit then protects the person against the evil eye. People who receive this also get instructions to carry out for the care of their jewelry.

Sometimes it is no attack at all, but just griyon that is accumulated on the body. Griyon is the result of negative vibrations directed your way and also just activities of everyday life. Griyon very often will be removed by the administering of a bath by a Houngan or Mambo. Sometimes when you go some places you may find that something has attached itself to you, or when you visit someone you may feel that something has attached itself to you. Sometimes it seems that everything in life may be going wrong, it might just be that you need to have all that nasty, negative stuff you’ve been picking up (maybe for years) removed.

The worst of the situations is to actually have someone direct aggressive magick in your direction. There are all types of ways to do this type of magick. Depending on how and what was sent, this magick may have a very set procedure to remove it.

One type of such magic is the expedition. When someone has had an expedition sent to them, the solution is the procedure known as the Anvwa Mo. You can get more information on the Anvwa Mo here

Sometimes the spirits may be attacking someone, thus the person may have, upon consultation with a Houngan/Mambo, an aret made for them. An aret is a stopping charm and will stop the spirits from causing further problems for the person. The Lwa may also be tied up for the person, it all depends on the results of such a reading. Sometimes power driven individuals will go to the extreme of stealing someone’s Lwa. This leaves the person without that Lwa’s protection and/or help. It is easier to maintain your Lwa rather than to try to get it back.

Work to send back negativity  Sometimes the issue is not negative magick at all. The person may be indebted to a Lwa. The Lwa, when angered, do punish. The Lwa can cause accidents, illnesses, trouble at work, make people lose their jobs, etc. An angered Lwa can even cause death. There are also cases in which a Lwa may be jealous of the person, typically Ezili Freda, thus causing all sorts of havoc in the life of the person. But these are not the worst punishments that could be had. The worst punishment by far is for the Lwa to leave the person. Without the guidance of his or her Lwa, the individual is open to attack mentally, physically and spiritually. The Lwa will not respond to the Sevite’s calls, will not assist him in his daily life, and won’t carry out requests.

There are also times that an individual has failed to serve a Lwa that is walking with him/her. The Lwa will do all sorts of things in order to try to get the individual’s attention. One of the most common is an illness without a physical remedy. The individual will continue to suffer until the neglected spirit is taken care of. This may require offerings, sacrifices, a Lave Tet or even initiation.

Negative magick may at times be difficult to remove. It all depends on its nature. If you are suffering from such maladies, contact me immediately.

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