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Ezili Danto Ceremony Table

Bonswa in the name of God, the Ancestors, Saints and  Los Misterios,

Houngan Hector

I am Houngan Hector, a Houngan Asogwe (High Priest), of the Haitian Vodou Religion and a Caballo de Misterio within Las 21 Divisiones and Sanse serving God and the Spirits (Lwa).  Through me the Misterios and Lwa assist people all over the world resolve all types of problems, be it luck, love, returning a lover, improve finances, finding a job or other.  As a Priest,  I also conduct a variety of other services and ceremonies such as but not limited to cleansings, initiations, divinations (readings), baths and others.   You can read more about me here Houngan Hector Bio

On this site, you will be given access to a wealth of information concerning a number of different types (lineages) of Vodou.  You will learn volumes and be able to understand these beautiful Religions better and clearer.    Specifically, these are Haitian Vodou, Las 21 Divisiones (aka Dominican Vodou) and Sanse.  These beautiful Spiritual Religions of the Carribean are life enhancing, deeply mystical and powerful life changing religions.  All three of these traditions deal with the Spiritual beings and entites that we know as Lwa and believe in One God, Papa Bondye.

Although they share those things in common, the three traditions are vastly different.  They do have different beliefs, ideologies, ceremonies, rituals and ways of serving/working with the Misterios, Lwa, Saints, Spiritual Guides, and Ancestors.   Each is individual and different, seperate from the other.   Therefore, each tradition has it’s own seperate section so that you can learn it correctly, easily and safely.

If you are just a beginner and new to the whole African Traditional Religious Expierence, I highly reccommend reading the following article to find the spiritual path that best fits you as well as give you a general idea of where to start :


This guide has helped thousands of people find their way amongst the many different traditions that are out there and find the place where they are most at home.  Although this guide is not definative, meaning that this is simply a guide, you must also follow your gut and know where your Spirits are taking you.  Once you have a starting point, you can go to the free lesson series and learn about the one that interests you mosts.  Or learn them all!  Whatever your choice, do enjoy!

If you are already have an interest, desire to learn more, dedication or Initiation in a particular path, feel free to click a link to the Tradition you would like to know about below:






Ezili Danto

Ezili Danto




In these courses, I go into even further depth and you will discover a wealth of useful information to guide you and help you learn the Tradition or Practice you desire.  No matter where you live at!  This is something that has never been done before and this is a rare opportunity, especially those who live far outside of Haiti, Dominican Republic, or Puerto Rico, for you to learn real Haitian Vodou, 21 Divisions or Sanse!


Click Here to Read our Sanse Course Information

Sanse 101 Program

HAVE A PROBLEM OR ISSUE AND NEED MY HELP?   The first step in attaining my help, no matter what the case, is a Vodou Divination or Reading.  ORDER YOUR READING AT MY SHOP — PLEASE CLICK HERE

I thank you for coming and please do visit again . . . . my sites are constantly being updated.


Houngan Hector

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