Ezili Freda

Metres Ezili 21 Divisions

 The most beautiful Metresa of the 21 divisions is by far Metres Ezili. Commonly known in Haiti as Ezili Freda, Metres Ezili is a Lwa of Love and Prosperity. Just as in Haiti, in the 21 Divisions she is served with the image of Mater Dolorosa. You will find that in this method she is commonly served with white, light blue and light pink.

During a party for the Divisions, she must be the first one to mount. Otherwise you will not find her present amongst the guests. She dislikes the smell of strong alcohol, cigars and cigarettes, and as such she will not come if those have been recently present. She is extremely pure and delicate and will not tolerate any type of dirtiness around her.

She doesn’t usually stay in possession for long. She is very delicate, and makes sure that her feet do not touch ground. For this reason, we lay down a clean white sheet for her to stand and enjoy the party. We also make sure that everyone who desires to speak to her washes their hands. Some houses use straight perfume, others make a special hand wash for this purpose.

She won’t mount just anyone either! It must be one who serves her well and pays her the attention she demands. The person must be extremely clean and well dressed for her to decide to mount him or her. The person must not have had any sexual relations for at least three days. They must have bathed that day, especially right before the ceremony. There is also a special bath that can be given to increase the chances of her possessing a particular person.

She salutes individuals by giving a special handshake with her pinky finger. She does not do consultations during her possessions. She will bestow premonitions. She may speak a little about what she desires. During possession, she will be found weeping. She is saddened by the manner in which we choose to live.

She is served on Thursdays. She is the wife of Ogoun Balendjo (Santiago) and is usually seen on an altar right beside him. She is attended with a glass of champagne, fine perfumes and women’s powders, a red soda pop, and a pink candle lit in her honor. Jewelry and a mirror are always present, and she enjoys sweet foods.


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