Building a deeper relationship with your Lwa
There are many ways in which you can develop and enhance the creation of a deeper relationship with the Lwa. I will be describing one of the best ways here to you. But there are a few important points to remember.

Firstly, one can only build a strong relationship with but so many Lwa at once. You can’t have learned about Vodou yesterday, or last month, and be serving 15 Lwa. It doesn’t work that way. The best relationships are with those Lwa who naturally walk with you. Not every Lwa you are attracted to will necessarily walk with you. You do not choose which Lwa you have, rather the Lwa will choose you. As such, many times serving a Lwa that you don’t have in your spiritual court can be at best ineffective or it can get much worse.

Thinking logistically, if you serve 10 Lwa you must divide your attention between them. You must divide your service, time, and dedication amongst them. However, if you were only to have one Lwa to focus on, your relationship with that Lwa will come along faster, be deeper, and more meaningful.

With that out of the way, now on to deepening the relationship. There are many ways you can serve the Lwa that are not all that complicated. One way is to wear the Lwa’s colors on his or her specific day. Make sure that when you do this, you do it with intent. Pick out something nice to wear, which is clean, and put it on in the name of that Lwa.

Another way to strengthen your relationship is through the use of rituals. Rituals are very important in Vodou. You can light a white ten cent candle (those small six inch emergency candles) at your altar on your Lwa’s chosen day. Have a special cup set aside for him or her. Give a drink offering. Recite an Our Father and a Hail Mary. Then you can pray to the Saint associated with your Lwa. At the end of this, you can now pray to the Lwa from your heart.

After you do this, sit there for a while with the Lwa. Spend some time with him or her. Remember you are building a relationship and it takes time, it doesn’t happen overnight. Ask the Lwa to show up in your dreams. Listen up for what the Lwa has to say to you. Always do this on the same day, on or about the same time. Make it your special time with your Spirits. You can also buy a special rosary and dedicate it to that specific Spirit. Pray this rosary in their Honor. Ask the Lwa to open you up to him/her, to communicate, and for their elevation.

Personally, when I wake up I usually set a pot of coffee on. When my coffee is ready, I take it up to the altar, close the door and drink my coffee with the Spirits. They know that I will be there basically every morning. I will drink my coffee in peace (there is no peace like the one you will feel when you do this) and chat with my Lwa.

Once a month, prepare a special meal. Make something that your Lwa enjoys eating. Make two plates. Place the Lwa’s plate on the altar lighting a white candle. Pray over the food and to the Lwa. Take the other plate and eat with your Spirit. This is a very good way to strengthen your relationship with him/her. Make sure that you finish all of your food: eat it with them. I cannot stress enough that you eat your entire plate.

Always remember God as well. Without God, there is no Lwa, there is no us, there is nothing. He is the one that gives the Lwa their power. So when you go through your prayers, don’t do it half way. Feel the words, say them with feeling, mean what you say. Deepening your relationship with God will assist you in deepening it with the Spirits. Light a white candle, on Sundays, to God. I know God doesn’t need candles, however this ritual will remind you and give you focus.


Houngan Hector

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