Vodou and Dreams
Many people often ask whether or not dreams mean anything in Vodou and the answer is yes, yes, yes! Dreams are very important in the Vodou tradition. Healthy dreaming is important and if someone does not dream or does not dream often there is usually something spiritually unbalanced in the person.  Dreams are a gateway into the spiritual world and allow us access to contact the Lwa or vice versa.  Some people are especially spiritually talented or gifted in this area.  And most Vodouisants doe often have very important and telling dreams. 
Many times our Lwa or ancestors will send us important messages, guidance, and warnings in our dreams. The Lwa may also tell you something or teach you how to do something. Dreams will sometimes come to reassure someone that the Lwa will bring results or that they have been listening.  Dreaming is something that we pay special attention to because of all of this.

Certain things are also considered important or ominous when they show up in dreams. A Lwa may even tell someone to be initiated, whether Sevis Tet or Kanzo, during sleep time.  In fact, many people contact me who have never met me saying that they have dreamt that I am the person to help them or assist them in some type of manner or with an issue.    People have also been known to receive winning lotto numbers from the spirits in dreams. I am not saying this happens all the time, but it does happen.

Not all dreams are ominous either. Not every dream you may have will be significant, thus many people have a Houngan or Mambo to consult with as to whether or not a dream is truly important. Not everyone agrees on what the meaning of everything is either. The context of the situations are also usually taken into consideration as well as many other factors.  Then there are times when a dream is all muddled up and incomprehensible. Usually when you dream with the spirits things pretty much go in a row – in a normal sequence, but not always. Usually, muddled up dreams are not important.

It is important to start remembering your dreams. Usually this is the real problem with people and their dreams. They may know they dreamt, but not remember the dream. The best way to start remembering them is by writing them down as soon as you wake up.   Before you do this, however, it is important that when you first wake up that you don’t move.  Simply lie there and recall and remember every part of your dream in as much detail as you can.  Once you have gone over it in your mind a few times, then you can sit up and write it down. Don’t talk to anyone until you are finished writing. Then put it away until the end of the day and then reread. Usually you will have more clarity at this time.

If a dream was significant and you don’t remember it, you should talk to your Lwa.  Light a candle for them and give them a libation.  Ask them to bring you back the message or bring it to you with more clarity.  If you are well connected with your Lwa this will often work to bring the knowledge back to you.

Remember to keep paper and pen by your bed. If you wake up during the night and remember dreams, write them down right then because you won’t remember them in the morning. A glass (yes it must be glass) of cool water, that has been blessed, by the head of your bed assists in dreaming. Also write down your feelings at the time, if you have any.  Over time, by following this practice regularly and continously, you will find that you will not have any problem remembering your dreams and will receive more insights and knowledge from them. 
 Best of Luck,

Houngan Hector

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