Candelo Cedife

 Candelo – 21 Divisions Lwa

 He is one of my favorite Lwa of the 21 Divisions. He is wise and serious and knows his stuff! Candelo is a mystery that can be found in many locations. He is served in Puerto Rico in Sanse and Brujeria under the points of the dead, sometimes known to be the Baron Del Cementerio there. He is powerful yet humble and is known to be strict.

Candelo works with fire, in fact he loves fire. He enjoys heat and cannot stand the cold. His color is red and he loves his tafia (rum) and tabaco (cigar). When he mounts a caballo (horse), he will ask for his fula which he will tie around his head. Then he will be given three candles with which he will heat himself up and then eat the fire. Afterwards, he is handed his cigar and rum and he is ready to consult.

Candelo speaks with a very heavy accent. He gives out great advice, but is rarely angered – only when he isn’t being taken seriously. He is old, and as such we sometimes call him Papa or El Viejo (the Old Man) Candelo. He has seven paths, but few are actually seen in possession. The most common path of Candelo that mounts is Candelo Cedife. In Kreyol, Ce Dife means literally “Is Fire”, therefore Candelo is Fire. When one sees Candelo, one can see that his personality definitely demonstrates this.

Wherever he goes, he demands respect. He cures the sick and bestows protection. He also gives protection to children and is known for his love of them. He loves for a fire of Florida water to be built, and then he will walk through it, stamping it out. At times, he may decide to light his hands with Florida water and cleanse people with it. He is good for uncrossing those who have been hexed.

To serve Candelo, one would light a red candle for him. He is served with the image of Saint Charles Borromeo (San Carlos). A glass of yellow rum and a cigar would be served in his name. Some choose to smoke the cigar blowing the smoke all over him while invoking for their desires. Then the cigar is placed horizontally over the glass, balancing it there for him to smoke the rest.


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