Met Agwe Tawoyo

 Admiral of the Seven Seas!


Met Agwe Tawoyo reigns over the sea. He is a Lwa from the Rada nation. He is an admiral in the Navy and is often depicted that way, or as a sailor. Agwe rules over all boats that sail on the sea. He rules some of the mysteries of the sea’s depth, treasures, and gifts of the sea. He is the patron of fishermen.

Agwe is visualized as a very attractive light-skinned mulatto man with green eyes. His wives include the mermaid LaSirene and the coquettish Ezili Freda. One of his praise names is Koki la me (shell of the sea).

Agwe is saluted and signaled to by the blowing of a conch shell during his services. He can also receive gun salutes. He is kept moist, when in possession, with wet towels or sponges. Sometimes, Met Agwe sits in a chair using a cane as an oar, and this becomes his boat. A barque d’Agwe (boat of Agwe) is sometimes created, during big services to him, and filled with all his favorite foods, drinks, and gifts to him. It is placed in the sea and pushed off, and if it sinks, Agwe has accepted the offering given to him and will fulfill the petitions made.

His colors are white, blue, and sea green.

His day is Thursday.

His Catholic Saint is St. Ulrich.

Service for Met Agwe Tawoyo

Make a clean space to set your altar. Cover the altar with a blue cloth and a place a big wine goblet of water in the center. On the back of the altar or pinned to the wall, or skirt of the altar cloth place a photo of St. Ulrich.

The best day to serve Met Agwe is on Thursday, and if you can do it on that day so much the better. Take a spiritual bath, if you can, to invoke the power of the mighty sea and Met Agwe Tawoyo.

Dress in varying shades of blue and tie your head with blue or white. You can place pictures of the sea on his altar, along with photos of boats, seashells and a nice conch shell.

Place the things that Met Agwe likes on his table, to give as offerings to him. Some of the things that Agwe likes are:

•white wine
•coffee, with both sugar and cream
He can additionally be offered
•cane syrup
•boiled cornmeal
•rice cooked in coconut milk
•fried ripe bananas
•white roosters
•white ram goats
As gifts, he likes perfumes, mirrors, nautical medals, fish hooks, model boats, and rowing oars.

Light your white candle, and pray the Our Father, the Hail Mary and the Apostle’s Creed. Call Agwe, blow a conch to make the horn sound, so that Agwe can join you in your service. Say:

Met Agwe! Met Agwe Tawoyo, Koki Lame.

Come here for your service!
Captain of the Seven Seas, husband of LaSirene, eternal Sailor, Seaman!
Offer Agwe all the gifts you have for him. Orient them to the four directions, and with the foods you have for him, place a white candle in the center before you orient them. Dance for Agwe and sing his songs.

After you are finished, ask for that which you desire Met Agwe to do for you. Remind him, that you have just conducted a beautiful service for him and that now it is his turn to give you a service.

Leave the room and allow the candles to burn out. Then dispose of all the food offerings in the sea, where Met Agwe can come and take them away.

Good Luck!

 Houngan Hector

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