The Aplasamiento serves to settle the Lwa in the recipient’s head in an even firmer and more settled manner. This assists the person against attacks by malevolent magic, and strengthens the Lwa by giving them a better foundation on which to possess the individual. The head is fed making it more stable and powerful in the individual.

Within this ceremony, a refresco de cabeza is carried out but with much more intensity. The Lwa perform secretive rituals on the head of the new initiate. The Lwa will additionally use animals to perform special ceremonies on the individual’s head, unlike the refresco where no animals are used.

A special punto is given to the individual to further empower them and give them a special form of protection. One of the Lwa from the Black Division will come to give their point as well, clearing out any obstacles the individual may have in becoming possessed.

Offerings are taken to their proper destinations. In some places, one is required to sleep in the Badji, in others the Papa Boko will give the individuals offerings to place in their badji at home and have them sleep there. The participant receives a special bottle that will have special significance to him/her. The person then goes home and follows their restrictions for the required time.


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