Baron Del Cementerio

Baron del Cementerio

 In Dominican Vodou, it is Baron Del Cementerio that allows passage from spiritual to physical worlds. While Legba is still served and he is the gate keeper, it is Baron who is much more popular, and also a gate keeper in his own right. Papa Legba rarely mounts, instead Baron comes to open the way for the spiritual world.

Baron Del Cementerio is served with the image of Saint Elijah of Mount Carmel. He is served with black and white, and his fula is usually black with a white cross sewn in the center. Others may use a white cloth with a black cross instead. But, either way, it is black and white and includes a cross.

When he mounts the horse’s body is knocked out cold. It is stiff and is laid on the ground. Baron’s fula is placed on his head and stomach. A cross is placed over top of this and then the congregation will begin to pray an Our Father, Hail Mary, etc. . . . Baron foams at the mouth and as he is in possession and the prayer being said, his stomach will slowly lift. He mounts for a very short period of time, usually not lasting more than two minutes. Thus Baron has removed all obstacles that may lie ahead and the party/work may commence. Some people will whisper their desires while Baron is in the head. He does not eat or speak at all. Afterwards, the Horse will recover and other spirits will be able to mount.

Baron is married to La Barona. She is his wife, although he still flirts with other women, and she is known for being a very powerful witch. She carries around a straw bag with which she performs her magic. Papa Bokos and Mama Mambos know many secret works that are done in the cemetery with Baron and Barona.

Baron has Gede to work for him. Papa Gede, in Dominican Vodou, digs the graves for the dead. He is also known for his laid back attitude. Yet Baron also has a number of other Centinelas (Messengers) that are there in the cemetery keeping him always informed.

He is served to destroy enemies, remove obstacles, reverse malefic works, send the dead, get debts paid, and more. We take his works to the cemetery. His is the grave of the first dead man in any and all cemeteries.

We service Baron at his altar on Mondays. Here he is often found to be represented by a cross or a skull with a fula tied around it. He will be offered black coffee without sugar and a small white candle. We pray an Our Father as we smoke a cigar in his honor. He is also offered gin. Baron is also known to have a machete that you may find in his altar as well.

To feed him we will have a moro cooked. This is black beans cooked with white rice. We will serve him cassava bread and smoked herring. We serve him an orange sliced in four with a white candle in the center, platanos (plantains) cut in small slices and baked sweet potatoes. He also likes roasted peanuts, coffee, corn, coconut, money, and sesame seeds.


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