Ogun Balendyo

Saint James the Greater: Ogun Balendyo

 In 21 divisions, we use the image of Saint James the Greater for Ogun Balendyo. He is a family man and is married to Metres Ezili, who is also sometimes called Metres Ezili Balendyo. He has a sister known as Ofelia Balendyo who is often seen accompanying him.

He is seen as an old man. Thus he rarely mounts. When he does mount, he is a very serious and well respected Lwa. He speaks in an almost inaudible voice, smokes a cigar and drinks red wine. He favors the color blue. He is the leader of the Ogunes, and is very respected by them as well. The nation of Oguns is very large, yet out of all the Lwa in that nation, there are seven who receive the most recognition.

When he mounts, the room must be silent. He will mount when a mani is made or a party for him is held. He is known to be a great healer and can heal with his hands in an instant. He will be given his fula, his cape if there is one, a cigar and wine or rum. He will advise the Societe and then prefers to leave. He does salute those present, but often will leave and allow another Lwa to come in his place. He is usually very tired.

He fights battles for his children. He is a great protector and often a resguardo can be found in an altar prepared for him. There will also be his machete, his image, his wine and cigars. Servants of this Lwa light blue candles for him.


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