Zaka or Azaka

 St. Isidore, image used for Kouzen Zaka  Azaka is the patron lwa of Farmers, but is known for his hard work in all areas of life

Kouzen Zaka, or Azaka, is the patron lwa of farmers, but he is also known as a lwa travay, a work lwa. He is also known as Minis or Azaka Mede, as minister of agriculture. He is an extremely hard worker and works very quickly to accomplish what is asked of him. He is a peasant lwa that enjoys the simple things in life. He is extremely popular in all of Haiti. Kouzen wears a broad brimmed straw hat, carries a djakout (straw sack find an authentic one here), and a sickle or machete. He wears karabel (denim) clothing and a red mushwa.

Kouzen Zaka is a master at treating illnesses using leaves and herbs, and is known to keep his most important herbs in his djakout. Some people liken Houngan’s and Mambo’s djakouts to him, because he is known to keep all of his magick within this djakout, as well as some rum, candles, and a couple other ingredients he uses when treating illnesses.

Azaka has a high pitched nasal voice when he comes in possession and is often quite energetic. He will sing that he doesn’t steal, he’d rather ask for charity, and then steals! Many of his songs talk about how people are always asking him for things he doesn’t have. He is a very lively dancer, and often rolls up one pant leg to the knee. Azaka has many children, and views them as a form of protection for the future.

His sacrificial animal is the red rooster.

He smokes tobacco in a pipe.

Azaka’s colors are: green, denim, white

Azaka drinks kleren steeped in certain herbs, as well as

•coffee (with a lot of sugar!)
He is often offered
•cane syrup
•sugar cane
•coffee (with a lot of sugar!)
•toasted corn and peanuts
•popcorn mixed with coconut
His foods are
•rice and beans
•boiled corn
•cassava bread
•sweet potatoes
•salted cod
•other types of bread
•hard candy

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